255 Literls Per Hour

We include a universal kit with every pump containing everything pictured. In some installs the stock hose may need to be reused to connect the pump to the pickup, although most installs can use the hose provided. Remember, these are aftermarket performance pumps and there may be minor modifications required for certain vehicles to mount the pumps. It is the buyers responsibility to research the fitment on their car for a performance in tank fuel pump or ask us for details before purchasing as we will not accept returns without a restock fee due to possible install modifications required. The pictures show the exact item for sale. Please compare and research install before purchasing.

These 255 lph pumps are in stock and will ship the day of payment. These fuel pumps flow very similar to a Walbro pump, so they are perfect for performance cars up to 600hp, but can also be used as stock replacement pumps. Shipping cost is $9.99 with USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico! We will also ship to APO address for the same price, but there is no tracking. Shipping to Canada is the same 9.99 for standard air shipping without tracking. International shipping without tracking is an additional $15 and with tracking is an additional $29.

Our in-tank fuel pumps have been tested to perform for many years to come during daily use. We rarely have problems with our fuel pumps, which is why we back them with an unconditional 1 year guarantee! You will not find a guarantee like this from other fuel pump manufacturers such as Walbro. If your pump is defective or broken we will replace it free of charge anytime within the first year! Our pumps are manufactured according to strict guidelines in order to maintain ISO 9002 and ISO/TS 16949 quality system certifications.

Remember, you can never have too big of a pump. Return style fuel systems, such as all the vehicles these pumps work with, have any extra fuel returned to the fuel tank through the return fuel line. Because of this, as large a pump as the stock lines can support is fine, even with a stock engine! Save some money and try one of our pumps. We back them with a 1 year warranty!

Boosted applications that see higher fuel pressures can make 600+hp with this pump. Also, a fuel pump can't pump when it doesn't get enough voltage. If you are running high horsepower in the 450+ range you should upgrade your wiring and relay to support your new high flow fuel pump properly or your fuel pump may suffer low flow rates due to low voltage if your stock wiring is too thin and relay too weak.
Store price: € 85.00
Internet price: € 80.00