Blockguard features: 
CAD design and CNC milled from 6061 Aluminum 
Turns an open deck into a semi- closed deck 
Machined coolant passages in key areas to promote critical coolant flow, particularly where cylinders join.

Without these coolant passages, other brand block guards may create destructive hotspots around the cylinders

Fits turbo or NA engines. 
Machined to be slightly oversized to compensate for the cylinder "walk" flaw common in open-block designs

Easy to install.  Wipe the outside cylinder surface and opposing block surface with acetone.  If you do not intend to weld the fitted guard in place (KMS recommends welding the fitted guard in place) then apply a small amount of red loc-tite to 6-8 points along the guard side.  Next, position the block guard with the arrow facing up and toward the front (timing belt side) and tap into place with a rubber mallet.  Fit the block guard 1.5mm below the deck surface, MAKE SURE you align block guard loosly on top of deck to insur proper sizing and placement.
Store price: € 130.00
Internet price: € 120.00