K20/K24 EP3

The PLM header opens up the exhaust system allowing for a solid 10-15 horsepower increase over stock setups.

The PLM K-Series RSX and EP3 header utilizes a stepped tri- y design that gradually increases the piping size from the head to the exhaust matting flange. With a Tri-Y header, the primary exhaust piping is paired into a 4-2-1 formation. This increases cylinder scavenging and improves engine breathing by utilizing the velocity of the exhaust of one cylinder to help move the exhaust of its paired cylinder. This header is ideal for all forms of competition including: autocross, drag racing and road racing as well as on a daily driver.

Includes test pipe, gaskets & all necessary assembly hardware.
Flange is .38" which is just about 3/8" thick.
18G 304 S/S measured at .049" to .050" thick.
Store price: € 560.00
Internet price: € 500.00