Alternative Fuels – LPG/CNG

GearTech Engineering is primarily known for its tuning services. However, as engine modification specialists, we feel that converting engines for alternative fuel operation is our second nature. Needless to say, environmental consciousness and corporate social responsibility are dominant in our philosophy and mission statement. When converting an internal combustion engine for LPG or CNG operation we pay special attention to:
1.    The conversion kit quality. We only use ECE approved kits, Italian made by BIGAS International, a leading company in LPG & CNG equipment. The kits we use can communicate with the stock computer of your car through the on-board diagnostics connector (OBD) and thus are infinitely self – adjusted
2.    The fitting quality. Our staff is trained in Italy for LPG & CNG conversions. Anti-corrosion care, high quality expendables (insulating tapes, tank holders etc) and soldered electrical connections is not something you can take for granted with all LPG/CNG installers
3.    The Tuning. Converting to alternative fuel is an extensive modification to your engine. Car manufacturers spend hundreds of millions Euros optimizing your fuel injection system. When converting to alternative fuels in GearTech, special attention is paid to ensure that your engine operates with the optimum air to fuel ratios at all conditions. In CNG modifications we also optimize the ignition maps due to the much higher octane rating of the fuel. We also offer our customers the ability to remap their stock ECU to optimize it for the new fuel operation. In GearTech, we have a solution for all your needs.